CRIIRAD : dossier spécial catastrophe de FUKUSHIMA traduction en anglais



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Consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi Accident in Japan : A substantial and long-lasting contamination

CRIIRAD mission in Japan from May 24th to June 3rd, 2011: Preliminary comments

Pétition en anglais
Sign the petition online

Communiqué sur les risques de contamination en France
8 April 2011 risk in France (and Europe)

Ingestion of 131 iodine : Bq and doses
Inhalation of 131 iodine and effective doses
Explanations about the notion of “radioactive period”

Colère et indignation – volet n°2
25 March, 2011 – 15h : PROTEST AND INDIGNATION – PART 2


Monitoring of gamma radiation by CRIIRAD team in Fukushima city (June 2012)

Monitoring of gamma radiation in Watari area of Fukushima city by CRIIRAD and CRMS team (June 2012)

Monitoring of gamma radiation in Oguni area of Date city by CRIIRAD and CRMS team (June 2012)

Press conference transcription held by M. Wataru IWATA (Project 47) and M. Bruno CHAREYRON
(CRIIRAD) in Japan National Press Club in Tokyo on 1st June, 2011.

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CRIIRAD video showing gamma radiation rates inside a building of Fukushima city at the end of May 2011

CRIIRAD advice to citizens : how to use some radiation meters (videos prepared in April 2011 for japanese citizens)